A downloadable Death Walker for Windows

Title: The Death Walker

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Playtime: 20-45 minutes (Depending on your choices)

Genre: Choose-your-own-adventure, story-driven, visual novel

Game Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Requirements: Windows 7 or higher

Storage: 450MB


Controls: Use 'arrow keys' to navigate choices/move and 'enter' or 'space' to continue/select/interact with objects. Press 'escape' to pause or cancel.

Notes: In order to play full-screen press F1 on your keyboard and click 'Launch in full screen', once you do that, restart your game. If you're in the middle of a scene it can be difficult to quit the game so press Alt+Tab and close the window from outside the game (if you're in full-screen mode)


Created by Ryan Connors

Plugins: Khan's Awesome Light effects DRS - Quest LogV.M. of D.T. - Basic Enemy HP Bars v2.9 Syvkal's Menu Bars Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Command List Yanfly Engine Ace - Weapon Attack Replace Yanfly Pacman - YanPac Battle HUD

Resources: Faceset no. 12 by unknown-designer Final Boss Battler by VictorHate Prison & Torture Tileset by Celianna "Vick, the Brawling Healer" by Dark Horseman https://avangs.info/resource_200x/159547 (Other Facesets)

Music: "This Is The End" Detroit: Become Human OST "Song of the Lost Girl" Detroit: Become Human OST "Fly on Foot" Detroit: Become Human OST "Epilogue" Dark Souls III OST "Secret Betrayal" Dark Souls III OST "Cynder" The Legend of Spyro - A New Beginning "We Need Our Army Back" Dunkirk OST "Supermarine" Dunkirk OST "Love Song of Medieval Russian Knight" Andrei Krylov "Sad Song Highland Ballad for Lute" Andrei Krylov & Lana Ross "Lachrimae" John Dowland

Special Thanks: Nathan Myles & Liam Harder

Beta Testers: Hephan123

Powered by RPG Maker VX Ace

If you have any questions please let me know!

If you'd like to support me, you can do so by telling your friends about this game.

Contact: https://www.reddit.com/user/ToddMandlebite

Install instructions

Install instructions: Click the link then hit download. Once it's downloaded launch the .exe then, once it's finished installing, launch the Game.exe

The game has a red dragon icon.


The Death Walker.exe 437 MB


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